Wednesday, January 04, 2006

When God steps in

Sometimes God says no and when he does you listen. I wander the beach questioning why I would be sent here. Here of all places a million miles away from home. Here to raise a child I am now just getting to know. Here where I can't find my way home. Here where I wander the beach alone. Thats when God steps in. I look up and I see this. The heavens have opened up on what looked to be a fierce storm. There in the distance was peace. Silent rays of light reaching out. Reaching out to me.


grafton said...

gorgeous shot, miss Casey! best of luck finding your sanity! if you happen to, ask it if it's seen mine!!! *hugs*

Suzer said...

Love the picture, this is pretty cool, the blog I mean. I understand not being able to find your way home, but you'll probably meet some cool people while asking for directions... Love yah!