Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I HATE Laundry

Yes I know that HATE can be a very strong word! I prefer to say things like I greatly dislike ... having bananas shoved in my ears or gee that's not my favorite ... green dress *(but not a real green dress cuz that's cruel). But when it comes to laundry I HATE is just perfect. Laundry is never ending. I am pretty sure that mismatched socks get together in the dim light of night and tango and in the morning give birth to millions of tiny little mismatched socks. These tiny little socks then go on to live tiny little lives spreading their wings and traveling from one end of the house to the next. They themselves then breed and cough up dust bunnies that roll across my floor like Texas tumble weeds blowing gaily in the breeze. I like to think that in the night they, the bunnies and the little socks, dance in the moonlight and play little games like find the crumbs under the refrigerator. I believe next week I will begin naming them. "Hi Fred, George, Ringo, Yvonne..."

* Bare Naked Ladies If I had a million dollars


Valentina said...

Is it humid there? Does the laundry actually dry?

Lisa said...

Wow, I really hope that isn't your laundry... Don't they have drying machines in Australia? I really thought it was a modern country, but now I'm having my doubts. The blog is great - always amusing. Keep it up.

Daisy said...

Why use the dryer on a perfectly beautiful day?

And my laundry dries even when the humidity down here is like 150%.

Embrace your inner hippie! Hug a tree and save some energy!

Anonymous said...

I understood the BNL reference right away! Good job on the blogging...perhaps it's high time I did something like that, since our boys are growing up in front of our faces and sort of blowing us away!
-Patricia Vollmer