Friday, January 06, 2006

Sometimes it pays to look up

Sometimes it pays to just stop and look up. For tonight when my wee family looked up into an unassuming gum tree we were blessed to see the back end of koala bear. "koala's aren't bears" ( qualifier from Rose). We walked around and got to see the front end too. Our dear "friend" acted as if Rose's high pitch squeals were music to his ears for at the sound of her voice he clung tightly (as if in fear) to the branches and tracked her cautiously (like a hawke) with his two beedy eyes. I truely believe if he could have climbed down off of his perch he would have walked up to our dear sweet Rose and slapped her with his darling little paws. Rose has a laugh she likes to use that could split a coconut in half. She likes to use said laugh to get people's (and koala's) attention. Its a mixture of one part maniacal hiena, a dash of spastic glee, and a pinch of crazed launatic. People hold their loved ones close when she gets started. Now back to our Koala.
Mr. Koala was left to his own devises when a family with two dogs ran by and created a new audiance. We left Mr. Koala to his peaceful sleep. Good night Mr. Koala and good luck.
sitting in a tree
looking at me
Please don't pee...

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Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo!
Your first wild koala sighting!

You know you're in Australia now...