Monday, February 01, 2010

The natives

Day 270 I believe the natives are trying to speak to me. They have even given me a name in their native tongue "mommmmma". I believe a direct translation is slave that gets me things, but I can't be sure. Today the smallest of the natives gestured to her mouth and spoke these words "mommma I hungwy get foood.". I was given the impression that I was to feed her but when I put before her a plate of tasty things to eat she began to wail and cry so I believe I have either angered her or misunderstood her difficult words. Either way things have not gotten any easier. I believe have made head way with the taller of the two. She seems to like electronics. I have given her a small device that immediately quiets her up. I think she believes it is like a God and she needs to "pray" on it often. I have sent for a handbook from the head office but I have not heard back from them so I fear that they are either gone or have given me up for dead.

~ Casey Bosley
aka mommma

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