Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Superhuman 4

Being 4 has somehow endowed Rose with superhuman powers. I am not sure if this is when Superman got his powers but I believe the day after he turned 4 he looked at his dear sweet mother and said today mom I think I will fly around town and then maybe I'll save the planet once or twice because you know mom today I am 4. Somehow Ro has it in her head that being four somehow allows her to do what ever she wants when ever she wants. All day she has been telling me all the things she can do now that she is four. Rose has taken on her new role of four year old to dizzying heights.

Me: Rose becareful climbing on the rocks.

Rose: I'm four so I can climb really well!

Me: Rose please clean up your toys

Rose: I don't have to, I'm four! Four year olds don't have to clean up.

Me: Rose time for a nap

Rose: I don't have to nap... I'm four!

So now that Moya is four don't be surprised if you see her on the news for conquering Mount St. Helen or rescuing kittens from trees or managing to make the biggest mess ever! I believe she will be famous for the later of the three. But now that she is four who knows what she will accomplish.


Anonymous said...

Why’d you wake me from my nap?
I’m not in the mood
To play your games
Or sit on your lap

Where’s my yankees drinking glass?
I want some juice
And I want it now
So you better move your ass
And feel bad for me
’cuz I’m just getting over a cold

I’m four years old!
I’m four years old!
I’m four years old!
Somebody better tie my shoes!

I run down the hall
I scream and I yell
And I cry ’cuz I fell
Bring the rubbing alcohol

I get mud on my shoe
I come back in the house
I get it on the rug
The cleanging’s up to you
And I won’t take a bath
Unless you make me spaghetti-o’s

I’m four years old!
I’m four years old!
I’m four years old!
Mommy reads to me at night
Charlie and the chocolate factory

I can’t have a job
And I can’t go to school
If no grownups are around
I can’t go near the pool
I’m not alowed to climb
My neighbor’s apple tree
I’m not allowed to sit
Too close to the tv
I don’t know how to drive
And I don’t know how to spell
But if I hear my brother cursing
I do know how to tell
’cuz he made me eat some bread
That was covered in mold

I’m four years old!
I’m four years old!
I’m four years old!
I just threw up on my grandmother

- Adam Sandler

Morgan said...

To who ever left that... Thanks

grafton said...

Oddly enough, that last bit (about the nap) is almost exactly what *I* said to *MY* mother when I was 4 years old! I distinctly remember standing on the bottom step of the stairs leading down into our family room and telling her that I didn't *need* a nap - I was 4! and could stay up as long as I pleased!!! as I recall, I was told I had to go lay down, but didn't have to sleep if I didn't need to, so I spent the time re-writing the funny paper comics dad had read to me that morning to make them funnier.


Anonymous said...

I seem to recall crying - wondering - whatever happened to my sweet daughter - all of a sudden she was this little monster - wanting to send her baby sister back to the hospital where she came from - we even drove to the hospital to see what would happen, but there was sweetheart - laughing and edging on to do it!!!!!!! Then I got smart and bought a book that saved my life - it was called "Your 4 year old wild and wonderful" that book sav ed many lives. Love Mom