Saturday, January 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Sara

This is for my baby sister. Who will always be two in my heart and mind. She will always be that chubby little baby who toddled after me constantly. She looked like the Michelen tire man so that's what we called her. She had hair that stood up on end in all directions. She hardly ever smiled just because we wanted her to. She made pouting into an art form. She also has an Indian name "Chief Run Away from Thunder" you'll have to ask her about that one. Lets just say it involves pouting and running all the while wearing an Indian headdress. Very funny stuff!

She did and still does everything in a swift action. Sara got angry quickly and was easily appeased into laughter. Sara could do anything she put her dandelion haired head into. She played soccer like she was born to play. She was an amazing player. Sara is also a great actress "Hey good looking whatcha got cookin". She once had to play a microwave and let me tell you I have never seen a better one since. Sara is beautiful inside and out. She will do anything for anyone.

Okay Sara has a temper that could put an Irish man to shame. She could let loose those two tiny fist of furry and hit anything that came near her. I had the bruises to prove it. Sara is also incredibly hard headed. That's both physically and mentally. She once flew and I mean flew off a merry-go-round and landed on that hard head. She says she felt like "Superman". I believe her I saw her fly and thought it was pretty funny. Of course I didn't think everything she did was funny. Like the time she destroyed my doll house and then hide in the closet behind the blankets. Not funny Sara! Of course she once let me stick a lollie pop to her face over and over and over again just cuz I thought it was funny. Well it was!

Sara loves the
Grateful Dead and Elephants. She loves her children more than life itself and she is a damn good mother. Her sister (me) thinks the world of her. I want to wish Sara a Happy Birthday. I love you baby sister and always will!


Anonymous said...

My two beautiful girls, how blessed I am - so different - yet so much alike - love Mom

Anonymous said...

don't believe everything she tells you. She tortured her little sister. That temper she talks about was 90% induced by her CONSTANT picking !!!
thank you Casey, that was beautiful, and a great Birthday gift. i love you