Friday, January 13, 2006

Our little talker

Hey everyone this is going to be a short update. Rose did fantastic today at her test/games. Mommy and Daddy are very proud. Rose blew the scale for verbal skills she is better than 98.9 percent of her peers (4 year olds). She is average at spacial relations. She wanted to put the blocks together the way she wanted to, not how the tester did. They think it maybe only a female thing an just not enough practice with blocks and object manipulation. We may put her in a term of preschool if she doesn't get into the right school. The right school meaning one that takes younger kindergartners. That will all be the drama of next week. She is most definatly gifted in... well talking. Can you believe Rose is talented in talking. Never would have guessed that one. So folks our baby is a *genius, but whose child isn't. Go give your little genius a hug!

*to us
Picture of Rose age 3

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