Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The end of march

Allergy eyes poor thing.

Rose teaches Lily the ins and outs of playing on the swing set!

They were picking me flowers

Here they come flowers in hand.

I fell at the doctors office and made an ass of my self.

A rare moment of peace

Lily was quiet and I didn't care so she opened a bottle of sprinkles and decorated the floor and daddies shoes. Ps. she is wearing Rose's underwear on the outside of her pants. Don't all great super hero's do that?

Hey I'm in my undies. Damn Paparazzi!

Budding artist!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh Craigslist

My awesome husband found this playset on Craigs list for 75 dollars they go for anywhere between 700 to a thousand dollars new (ours is used or well broken in). We will post photos of ours when it is set up in our yard!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Lily is 2

45 min in the swing and out she went this afternoon.
She stripped off brought out the potty and said I potty! Now if only she would really go!
Nothing like watching TV in the buff!
She received many cards and gifts from family and friends far away plus her sister and grandparents and us.

Rose's gift is up first.
Then mommy and daddy.
Grandma and Grandpa Bosley's package.
Last but not least Meemaw and Poppop. I am on the phone with them in the photo.
How does this thing work?
Riding on the road like a big kid.
Imagination Movers CD!
Rose had to sit out for the most part due to a fever and a sore throat.
Blowing bubbles in the warm NC evening.
I love this swing soooo much!
Our wonderful neighbors came down with a lovely gift and a fun drink for mommy.
She became entranced while Ethan tried out her new bike.
Look Scooby Doo!Even her new baby doll got to ride in the swing.
She never did eat the cup cake.
Our other fabulous neighbor brought her a new drum and instruments.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Imagine the fun...

Running in the "warm" rain. Ps. That's Liams office building behind the Rose.

She hated that dress but loved running on the compass in front of the Morehead Museum.
she is so tiny...

James K. Polk well his statue.

Watcha doin'?

ummm can I play too???

Navigation trainer. Astronauts were taught how to navigate by the stars through the port holes. Several the Apollo missions trained at the Morehead Planetarium.

"The mosquito" One of only a few left in the world.

Lily is ready for the show. Rose was unconvinced until it started.

Roll baby Roll!!!!

Boy that was fun! Do we have any bigger hills?

Were hunting bugs!

Early Birthday present to Lily!

They "helped" by fighting and washing their bikes.

Yummy homemade bread!

I had a little bit of help.

Rose made her own "pizza" and it is still sitting in my refrigerator.