Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Christmas Photos 06'

Christmas 06'
The photos are a little mixed up!

Home made blanket for Olivia
back of blanket
My mom
An Aussies night before Chritmas
So many to choose from
Sylvanian doll house

Corbin and Eli

Popop and Rose

Dillon, Zach, Rose, Olivia, Corbin, Eli and Leah

Uncle George and Olivia
Lisa and Jason
Corbin and Olivia
Aunt Nancy and the "purse"
Nana and the kids
Leah the Princess
Rose and Queen Mommy

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Heading into 27 weeks

Well folks we have made it to 27 weeks and we are thrilled. This Friday we get another ultra sound which will be the first time in months since Liam has seen the baby. Suzer is awaiting her newest arrival. Christy is holding on tightly and awaiting to find out how long she can keep her little one safe (she is 20 wks and is already dilating). So to all the babies to come we welcome you with open arms!

Good luck Suzer were all pulling for you. Literally cuz we all know that baby doesn't want to leave!!!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Oh the fun

I just love my girls. Yesterday was Roses 5th Birthday. She and I played all day (She was the queen for the day). That night we went out to dinner with Memaw and Poppop and Aunt Sara and Uncle Seth and Leah and Eli. Barbie was the theme for the evening. She had a good time and went to bed really easily. I of course developed a problem. I began bleeding not a lot but enough to cause problems. So Liam and I end up in the hospital and Rose goes to Grandmas. The doctors can find no reason as to why I was bleeding. It stopped while I was there and so we went home and went to bed. Today no issues so on we go. We are now 26 wks pregnant and awaiting for the baby to make it and to grow and hold on. So baby number two is following after her big sister. My girls are wild ride! The above photo is of one ot the gifts Rose recieved

Monday, January 22, 2007

My nose my enemy

I have developed the cold from hell. Okay its not that bad but it does make my nose bleed and my face ache. I am up all night trying to breath. Not only that but the heart burn is burning a whole in my esophagus. So sleeping isn't my favorite thing. So to I pray for a nice sleep filled evening cuz trust me I am getting no sleep here.


Its finally raining in Adelaide so our Aussie friends are doing better!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sorry I'm back

Please forgive the absence of Mrs. Morgan she has been moving home and purchasing a car.
Sorry gang life has been up in the air for over two weeks now. We moved into a great townhouse in the country 9 mins from my parents. We also bought a used mini van. Rose is still not in school due to a lack of a second vehicle for Liam. She is taking it well (she is driving me crazy). Baby is now 25 weeks old and still chugging along. We are now guessing that she will join the family at about 32 weeks. So not much more to go. February will be the time to get the babies room up and going. She is still missing everything. Liam is enjoying his work again which is wonderful. The commute is a bit long but it's worth it to live in a small country town. I am just playing mom and running back and forth from the doctors. I go to each doctor every two weeks so I am there a lot. Vision is starting to go in my left eye nothing I have noticed but the test show some deterioration. So all and all we are hanging on. We will have our phone hooked up next week and the computer well today is the first day its been working. So we should be in the swing of technology again very soon

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Monday, January 08, 2007

Family War Zone

University Of Florida
The Ohio State

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Hey my friends we are looking to you! Yes you stop looking around. Do have unwanted baby stuff laying around collecting dust? Would you love it to go to a good family? Well we are in need of everything! The only thing I am hoping to buy new is rocker for the babies room. So send us your stuff.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My brand of crazy

I am now cranky! Apparently I can only handle so much and then I go a little mean. So if you have spoken to me recently and I sounded well nasty that's cuz I am. I apologize for my brand of snotty. I am tired and not feeling well and all of those things have mixed into a lovely cocktail of aggression.

I sorry so sorry...

Monday, January 01, 2007

The week of fun!?

Beware I am complaining in the post below

I now declare 22 weeks of pregnancy the miserable period. Our darling baby girl has made herself very comfortable right on top of my pelvic bone making it difficult to sit or walk. Not only that but she has the kicking skills of a professional footy player.

The meds I am taking to combat my on going illness is causing many unwanted symptoms. My knee is swelling and my feet feel as if I have been hit with a taser gun repeatedly. The good news so far is no permeate vision loss yet. They are now guessing they will take the baby anywhere between 30 wks and 36 wks so not to bad.

Rose has decided to give us a crash course on getting up every few hours. She seems to being going to through another pattern of waking up at night and wanting things.

Baby thinks getting up to pee all night and feeling sick to my stomach is oh so much fun. She takes these moments to let me know she is all good and ready to play.

I have swollen glands around my jaw line and I have cold sorer which is making me miserable.

Okay I am all done complaining. Perhaps week 23 will be better?