Saturday, January 23, 2010

in the end she was just fine

Happy Birthday to my oldest. When she was born we all spent a sleepless night while she was taken care of in the NICU. We were worried she wouldn't make it through the night. In the end she was just fine. When she was 3 months old we worried our darling baby was deaf. We had her checked out (she was ignoring us). In the end she was just fine. I worried to the point of sick when we moved her to Australia and then at 4 years and 2 days we put her in Kindergarten she was so small she didn't fit in the uniform. By then end of that year she was the top of the class. In the end she was just fine. Now she is 8 and I worry about her making friends and calming down and fighting with her sister. I hope that in 10 years I can look back at 8 and say "In the end she was just fine".

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bosley update

Here is my 2009 update. Lets start from the top down.

Will has now been working at UNC for little over a year and is still enjoying his work. He is helping out a lot in different projects to help get his name out and about. He currently bought another Motorcycle to work on and then resale so he is one happy boy. He built a huge fire pit in our backyard that I lovingly call "burning man". One of his best friends Grafton from College visited for a week and I think the girls enjoyed him just as much as Will.

We have done a lot of traveling this year from Pittsburgh to Florida. Having made one trip to Florida at Thanksgiving and a trip one month later to Pittsburgh and Ohio. We have not flown at all this year which is rather rare for us. Traveling is getting easier now that the girls have embraced technology (DSi and Videos). Both Will and I love the tv show Glee!

I am currently knitting in a shop here in Carrborro and online. The Photography has taken a back seat for now as I get the new shop up and running. I did do one shoot this past fall that went really well. Ani and I have done a lot of volunteering at Moya's school. I read a few books and did a lot facebooking this year. I had a visit from Jess this past summer and had a blast doing lots of photographing of plants. I learned to knit socks, hats and booties this past fall with the help of the Freemans who visited. My parents visited in the spring and helped me put in several gardens. I drank a ton of coffee this year thanks to my favorite neighbor Christy!!

Moya is now in 3rd grade and seems to really enjoy it. She will be having her first official sleepover this coming weekend for her 8th birthday. She has grown a ton and is nearly as tall as her meemaw. We painted the bunk beds and got them set up in purple room this past summer. Moya is currently in the Gifted Program at BEJ and loves being the only kid in the 3rd grade that gets to go. She is now finishing up her first year playing the Violin. She is constantly reading and her current fav is the Harry Potter series. She loves to play spy around the neighborhood with her friends Jack, Olivia and Ethan.

Anwyn will be turning 3 in March and fully embraced her 2 year old self. She isn't sleeping any better but is seeing a specialist so we have hope. We are currently looking for a preschool for her to go to in the fall. She learned to swing and ride her tricycle. She is talking up a storm and has turned into our comedian. She loves music and dance. Her favorite shows are the Fresh Beat band the Imagination Movers. She is moving along in her potty training and is now off the sippy cup. She will be moving in with Moya as soon as she is ready. Her best friends are Owen, Landon, Josiah, and Lindsey.

As a family we are working on budgets and saving for a vacation. Both Will and I are trying to lose weight he is doing better then me. We are hoping in the coming year to have tons of visitors so make sure you email me to tell me when you want to come.

Happy New Year to all of you and thank you for reading my boring blog post.