Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Again with the boredom

Hot and cranky would be the best way to describe my family this week. We did it so well last week that we have extended it for an unprecedented second week. Yes folks you to can enjoy the on going excitement of the Bosley's by logging on daily to see our fun filled antics. We swim in emerald green pools (slight cleaning problem) and listen to Kokaburra lull us to sleep with their loud obnoxious laughter. We even sit around in the only room in the house with furniture and watch horrible and I mean horrible TV. Yes folks were dull! You might think that "wow" your living in Australia you should be having a hum dinger of a time but I seemed to have misplaced my map of fun things to do in Australia. First off we have a hole in our atmosphere that is putting a damper on our fun. Check out the UV index sometime and you will see that you could burn yourself into crisp if you spend more than 20 minutes in the sun. Were not even going to mention that sometimes the temps are well into the 100's. Last but not least Australia closes at 5:00 pm on the dot. Nothing is open beyond this time so don't even think of trying to pick up something up on the way home from work cuz it ain't open. Life here moves slow so slow that most Australians are 30 minutes to an hour late and nobody cares, it is actually expected. So I will go on making my "plains" and I will sit and wait for my ozzie friends to arrive. I won't name names (Brad, Vima, awful pool man). So while you're at your local BP getting an extra large slushy at 10 pm think of us fondly!

I do want to take a moment to thank my girlfriend Daisy (see her blog at http://www.dadamama.typepad.com/dadamama/). She has helped me tremendously with getting this blog up and running. So to you Daisy I tip my hat. If only I had a hat to tip (its been quarantined).


Daisy said...

Tip a koala instead!

They are NOT bears.

Morgan said...

I tip my koala to you!

"aghuuuuuu" (koala tipping over)