Saturday, May 31, 2008


Instead of buying your cards from Walmart buy from me at a discounted price and get free stuff!

I am looking to you dear friends for help. I don't want to blanket people with emails but I do want your help. If you read this message leave a quick note to let me know all who are reading this. As you know I have a business started on Etsy's called I would like to being making cards and more personal items. So I am asking that instead of going to hallmark buy your cards from me at a discounted price (just type in friends and family in the convo section). What can I make that you may want?

Birth announcements
Happy Birthday
So sorry
get better soon
and so on

I also make
Tooth Fairy Buisness cards for you big kid who is losing teeth at an alarming rate.
5 for 2.50 plus shipping and handling

I do blank cards

prints sizes
4 x 6 and up

4 cards one image 12.50
4 cards two images 13.50
4 cards four images 14.50

6 cards three images 15.50
6 cards six images 16.50

8 cards 4 images 20.00
8 cards 8 images 24.00

buy more then 2 sets of cards and pay for shipping for one
buy in balk and get 25% off whole order.


all cards have this on the back

where it was taken

blank or witty saying in side you choose.

I like to send free stuff with all of my orders so come and buy from me!

Monday, May 19, 2008

BOGO half off sale

My newest card for sale at
Now until Friday BOGO half off equal or lesser value item.
4 pack of cards is only $12.50

Thursday, May 08, 2008

and what have you been up to?

What a crock!

We were terribly disappointed

Hey Burke do you see what I see?

Hurray were in the pool!

Rose insisted on a two piece bathing suite!
A great big congratulations to Wills best childhood friend John and Laura Smith who are expecting their first in October.

Also another big congrats to Wills cousin Brook and her husband who will be expecting their first in October also.

Monday, May 05, 2008


a friend is looking for an elephant photos so I put mine up. Nothing real interesting to say today. Mom can you remember when I took the photo of the baby elephant for Rose?