Saturday, January 14, 2006

Style for 06

This child is going to go far! She has stars in her eyes. At this moment Rose truly believes she is the Diva of fashion. We love our guru of style for many reasons.
1. She won't let you out of the house in sandal's and socks.
2. Plaid makes daddy look old and he should never wear it again.
3. Mommy should wear dresses its more girlie.
4. Sunglasses make everyone look good.

Style is only style when someone says it is. Then someone else comes along and says that a good idea and on it goes. Rose has fashion sense because she believes she does. When she sees you looking at her on the tram it is merely because you to love the combination of yellow shorts, turquoise shirt and a crazy pink hat topped of with yellow star sunglasses. Rose loves the way she looks and believes everyone else sees her style for what it is, fabulous and for some reason they may disagree that only means there is something wrong with there fashion sense. She would gladly give anyone a needed tip.

Tip #1 Purple goes wonderfully with everything from socks to hats and everything inbetween.


Jac said...

Casey, she is too cute! Marcy always updates me on your little cutie and she sounds hilarious! I LOVE the quote at the top of your blog, I am sure she keeps you on your toes. I am loving your blog and am green with envy that you are living down under!


Anonymous said...

what a dollie - love ya momma