Saturday, January 28, 2006

Skiing anyone

Here I am getting ready to go! Don't I look like I know what I am doing?

Okay here I am again. Please note the lack of a boat and me looking like a drowned rat! I drank a fair amount of the Murray River. I hear that everyone on the bank got a good laugh! Believe or not I plan to try again as soon as I can move my arms. For more photos of our boating adventure scroll down and click on the small photos on the side bar. There you can see what knee boarding is suppose to look like!


Anonymous said...

You go girl We enjoyed the pictures of the "Cheer Squad" too. Bernita

John in the UK said...

Hey there, that email address you gave isnt working, it kept bouncing back :(
So I cant send you the photos...
Theres a lot of photos of here on my fotolog above, the last 6 months mostly, the rest are kinda crappy.
Catch ya later!

Anonymous said...

Hi Babe - I give ya a lot of credit - good for you - I guess you haven't lost your adventure spirit - Love ya Mom

grafton said...

Looks like fun!!!! Looks a lot like my only canoing trip on FL!!

btw, love the revised blog - esp the little photo doo-hickey in the right frame that keeps showing different images.