Monday, September 24, 2007

an elderly couple

The couple on a leisurely stroll

Darling look at the flowers

I seem to have had to much to drink

Dear isn't it lovely to be out

Oh, I just love fall don't you dear?

Why do they keep taking photos of us?

Shut up and be happy darling!

The above grouping of photos had me laughing so hard I feared I would pee my pants! Don't they remind you of an old couple?

we call them

The twins

oh yeah they may come out swinging but there's a whole lot a love going on!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Randy Pausch

Charles Gibson's "Person of the Week."

Jen and Randy at our house
Randy, Liam and Don

Don and Randy ETC graduation 05'
This week, 46 year old Randy Pausch said goodbye to his students at Carnegie Mellon University with one last lecture called "How to Live Your Childhood Dreams," on his life's journey and the lessons he's learned. Randy is not just another story on Good Morning America or even on the local news here in Pittsburgh. He is a man I worked for, a Professor of Liam's and a friend of the family. Randy is dying of Pancreatic cancer and in his words only has "3 to 6 months of quality life". We met Randy about 5 years ago when Liam and I went to a Building Virtual Worlds show. Liam was hooked and applied to get his masters under Randy at the Entertainment and Technology Center or ETC. Randy even came to our home for Liam's graduation party and earlier that year we saw the flying Flying Karamazov Brothers with he and his wife Jaye. Liam got to know Randy as a professional over the course of two years as a graduate student and then as faculty member. Randy has three small children all under the age of 6. Dillon his oldest and Rose are the same age and his youngest is only 9 months older then Lily. I believe Randy is a good man for a few simple reasons. He gave my husband a future doing something he loves, teaching and he was a kind boss, but the thing I admire most about Randy is that you always know where you stand with him. He maybe blunt and harsh at times but you knew he was honest. He will be greatly missed at Carnegie Mellon. I wish Jaye and the children the best that life has to offer. Please click on the above underlined link and watch his inspiring lecture. It will be worth your time!

Friday, September 14, 2007

let kirk speak for me

baby (pause) trying (pause) to kill me (pause)

can't last much longer (sheer desperation)

go on without me! (self sacrificing)

Monday, September 03, 2007

From Sharon ...

Sharon Emery Ok!
Here are your questions:
1) How did you choose your daughters' names?
2) Do you miss Florida at all? Not the people, because I know you miss them, but Florida itself?
3) What was your job when you traveled with the Faire?
4) How's the knitting coming along?
5) Who is your favorite famous person and why?
Thanks for playing! Post these on your blog and share the love!

1. ummm okay how did I choose the names of my daughters well.
Moya (Great) is the name of a ship on Farscape a show we were watching while I was pregnant with her. We called her Tenaious B. untill her birth. Anwyn (very beautiful) well she got her name because I wanted another Gaelic name and her name spoke to me.

2. Do I miss Florida? Not so much it made my hair curly and frizzy and well we can't have that!

3. I never traveled with the faire I was a cast member at the Greater Pittsburgh Rennaissance Festivel where I played the bakers wife.

4. Knitting I am still doing it does that count. I have made a gazillion scarves.

5. favorite famous person Albert Einstien he most likely had ADHD and Deslexia just like me.