Monday, January 16, 2006

Meet Koko

You've met Betty, you've met our hitchockain kookaburras, you've met the little redheaded boy that Rose adores.

Now, meet our crazy, furry voyeur.


Just one name, sorta like Kong.

"Every move you make, every step you take, I'll be watching you".
I think Sting knew Koko.

Koko is the neighborhood cat who absolutely loves our floor to ceiling windows which allow her to casually walk up and look in at the furry residents within. If Koko were human, she'd be sort of like Betty, but bolder. Koko lives the life of luxury prancing about our yard pooping here and there. She takes much enjoyment in watching our family perform our daily lives. She spent all Christmas morning watching gifts being opened. Laundry is a lonely task no more, Koko is there watching your every move.
Koko especially loves to give cooking tips. She sits patiently outside the window meowing orders like, add more salt, less pepper and so on. We feel the same connection that we did for Mr. Kitty, our previous walk-on in Pittsburgh. Our cats, much like our daughter, make friends easily. Now that doesn't mean they won't gang up on a fellow pet, corner him, take a flying leap and ride him like a rodeo cowboy.

We like crazy cross eyed Koko, she adds enjoyment to our everyday lives. The cats seem to enjoy their new friend. Koko you go girl!


Bryan said...

Casey: Trust me, it gets easier being in Australia! And write about all the silly stuff you see and hear: Fair Dinkum, the real meaning of the word 'Root', and driving on the wrong/other side of the road. Hang in there!! Bryan

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, love it, love it, love it!!!!! I am so glad to finally have met koko the cross-eyed lion??? live mom

Anonymous said...

more, more, more, more - send me your blog address again so that I may share it - go Steelers - love memaw

grafton said...

*chuckle* There's a series of mystery books you might enjoy - one of the main characters is Koko, the psychic Siamese (real name: Kao Ko K'ung, but noone calls him that). The books are called "The Cat Who Mysteries" and I'm spacing the author's name at the moment, but I'll think of it eventually. All the titles start with "The Cat Who..." and they're much fun

Anonymous said...

Leah just gets prettier the older she gets. A great picture.