Sunday, January 27, 2008

Third ring of hell?

The third ring of hell... or our 13th move, coincidence I think not!

Monday: call about utilities and sign apartment contracts, Pack all things not moving

Tuesday: Pack all thing including the living!

Wednesday: Load all fricken day long

Thursday: Get carpets cleaned and then scrub apartment

Friday: Take loaded truck with pickup truck attached followed by mini van with one adult two kids and four (foaming and pooping) cats to North Carolina via an 9 hour drive

Friday evening/morning: unload into apartment and storage unit.

Saturday: convince sugar loaded and certainly angry children that sleep in necessary for health reasons (mine).

Sunday: CRY and call my mommy!

Ps, I believe I am coming down with something horrible that is either

a. The black death. (sounds yummy doesn't it)

b. I have always sounded like Mr. Coffee when I take a deep breath and really it's nothing to worry about.

c. Pneumonia

d. Bronchitis

e. some yet to be diagnosed crazy disease of the lungs.

SO I ask you don't you think Dante described this once as the third ring of hell? It could have been the fourth or fifth I am on very little sleep and delirium is setting in.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I am 6

Today you turned 6 and I wanted to write you something terribly profound but all I can say is I'm glad your here. You had a rough start when there were two and then there was one but you mustered on. You were born turning blue and then boom you were two. You ran around with dusty blond curls with not a care who was watching and then you were 4. You believed you could rule the world and almost did and then quietly you turned 6. I think I wasn't watching when it happened. When you grew out of your diapers and pins and into your jeans and book bag. I must of blinked when you learned how to crawl and then how to run. I think I was sleeping when you mastered the remote and the phone. Was I turned around not paying attention when just yesterday you were 1. Now my baby you are 6 and it is I who must muster on.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I knit there for I am...

Yummy yarn from Lori. I am going to try to make a baby sweater out of it.

Ps, the kids are still trying to kill me.*STOP* Week two and still no end in site. *STOP* Send for reinforcements. *STOP*

Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy...

Cheer up little camper!

Howdy partner

Monday, January 14, 2008

Vicks Vapor rub for your feet

Our feet are greased and were ready to go. I have started putting Vick's vapor rub on my little ones feet and it seems to work for about 4 hours. Lily has Croup so anything is better then the barking seal coming from her room and the phelmy cough coming from the other one. So we have our dueling cool mist humidifiers on and our tooties are smelling grand.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

It could happen to you

Windflower: John William Waterhouse

1. I will be needing caffeine to get through the next three weeks
2. I have two sick children to care for all by my lonesome
3. I hate to be alone
4. I am still scared of the dark
5. I don't like to be a single parent I am no good at it.
6. I got rid of 6 bags of clothing (why the hell have been moving around all this extra clothing for?)
7. I have no taste in clothing what so ever
8. My children have no immune system!
9. My cats love to puke on my couch
10. My baby loves to puke on me!
11. I have been listening to Rose cough for 30 days and I have had my limit
12. Lily has had 3 ear infections in 30 days I am done with this also
13. I have no idea where we are moving (I don't think I have ever been to Chapel Hill) but then again I think I fenced there once.
14. I don't know how to buy a house
15. I think I am more afraid of this move then any of the others
16. I hate driving long distances
17. Lily hates to be in the car
18. I have to drive to Chapel Hill with Lily to go house hunting on Thursday night we will be back on Sunday.
19. Lily still gets up 4-12 times a night (no joke)
20. Rose hates to be left out of the excitement.
21. Rose is sweet when she wants to be.
22. Lily has a killer smile that lights up her whole face
23. When told what to do Liam will do it. Like bring coffee and donuts to one of many doctors appointments.
24. I have been to the doctors 5 times since Dec 20th and we have another appointment on Monday.
25. Did I mention I hate to be alone.
26. Please call me this week and next just make sure the kids haven't killed me!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Steely McBeam

Can you see Moya she's second from the right.
In this one she's the third one on the right.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I got 15 things...

The Bosley's are moving the Bosley's are moving. What's that you say? Again you say? Hell yeah, we say every year like clockwork.

1. I have been to see Chihuley (at Phips) again. It never disappoints. Thanks mom for taking me. I had fun! He has only one eye.

2. Kids are still sick but improving we only got up a half a dozen times last night!

3. Liam in the last two weeks has found the the alarm clock I have wanted forever (in the grocery store) and Sweet Chili Sauce which I became addicted to in Australia. You Rock Liam.

4. I am soooooo tired I have begun hallucinating but is it hallucinating if someone else sees it too? (ummmm Suzer perhaps you need more sleep to!)

5. Dugain loves therapy. Lily and Dugain get therapy together twice a week I believe they're bonding

6. Crock Pots RULE. Thanks mom and dad.

7. Lily has a strange addiction to golf carts. To Jim I tip my hat!

8. Rose is officially smarter then me.

9. 30 isn't so bad.

10. During the day I want to sit on them at night I miss them. (them being the children)

11. This will be our 13th move together and we haven't gotten one ounce smarter!

12. I am still in contact with the man I nearly married. (he's married too with a child of his own)

13. Liam has some pretty awesome and talented friends

14. I have some pretty awesome and talented friends.

15. I will never enjoy house work!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Christmas photos are coming...

Ha, Ha, I just love this one.
Yum, kitty for breaky

Thursday, January 03, 2008

December 22nd 2007

"this party is giving me a headache"~Anya
"He's a pinball wizard."
"yummy cake and prezzies" Gambling 1001
The Adams family *snap,snap*
"shhhhh, I'm sleeping"
"stripe's are in"
"It's not as hard as it looks dad."
"He shoots he scores"
It's a family affair
Thanks Eli, couldn't have done it without you
The Freeman clan!
Rose looks wiped

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

My Nieces are famous...

Twin number 1 was in Tennessee
Robyn is Marching Chief. She recently won rookie of the year and has gone to the Music City Bowl. I went to UF but I think its okay to say were all proud of her! Way to go Robyn

The other twin is making us proud in Iowa...

One of my darling nieces is now a reporter for ImGay.TV and is at the moment in Iowa interviewing candidates for President. You can watch all her updates by clicking on the above header. On a side note the hat she is wearing in the video I made. Good luck Dayna