Sunday, January 22, 2006

108 degrees HOT

Due to overwhelming heat the zoo party was cancelled and moved to the Bos's home. It was a roaring success other than the 3 stitches incurred when Sue was attempting to leave said party. She was taken to the hospital by her husband who didn't really want to leave the party. We were told "she's fine 3 stitches" by the husband as he headed for the airconditioning. Moments before this Ewen and Rose sent our hearts racing when we heard *BOOM* "HEY" the exlamation was Rose being disappointed when the water boards they were using to slide down the stairs didn't work exactly like she thought they would.

Liam and Brad erected what can only be described as well a sagging M*A*S*H tent over the pool. All the children had a good time suffocating under the sun protection! Rose received an all purple birthday! All of her gifts had a general theme of purple. So again a success. Food was snack type items on the floor (we have no furniture). The children were repeatedly yelled at to "Get Out Of the Kitchen" the tiny theives kept stealing the candy popcorn. So in conclusion we hoped up all 5 children on candy and potato chips and sent them home. Except ours who is on the moment playing with a construction set received from her father who is also playing on the floor. Pictures to follow soon!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Moya - I love you and miss you - I am there with you - remember we are always in each others hearts. Love Memaw

Suzer said...

Happy birthday Moya! Maya sends big hugs and sloppy kisses and hopes you got to eat lots of "Happy Cake". Chad and I wish you a happy birthday too.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love you Moya so much. i miss you silly girl. i hope your birthday was wonderful. i am sure it was. i am so blessed to be able to share a birthday week with such a wonderful spaz. i miss you all.
love, sara