Friday, January 20, 2006


I wanted to take a moment to congratulate a few of my friends who will be bringing new life into this world. These wonderful women are doing amazing things right now. Sarah R. she is bringing her 4th child in to her family. If she doesn't deserve our prayers I don't know who does. Then Chery M. Is expecting her 2nd child and this has been a year long battle for her and God knows she deserves this. Last but not least Meg H. who will be delivering her 2nd in September. Meg has been through more than most have in a life time. This baby is an answer from God. I would also like to congratulate my friends who have had babies in the past year. Kim C. and her baby boy Ty and Daisy H. and her sweet son Will. Tiana C. and her little girl Alesia . Plus Christie F. and little man Alex and Margret P. and big boy Charlie. God has blessed these women with a special gift. Please say a prayer for them and the newest members of our planet. I love you girls.



Anonymous said...

Yeah I sure could use a few prayers there Casey... All I have to say is this one better be a girl. With Three Boys, well plus my husband so.. FOUR... I need a little extra estrogen in my household. I am a little afraid though that if it is a girl she will be just like me.. and we both know what a curse that is..

I love ya lots and my thoughts are always with you.


Anonymous said...

Hey girlie, you should be getting some mail from Alexander here shortly. We just wanted to say "hey" and we miss you!

Anonymous said...

Casey - how beautifully put - you are a true humanitarian - an answer to my prayers, truly! your heart is so loving. Love Mom