Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Oh the places you'll go

and the things you will eat!

SO far I have eaten
My moms homemade spaghetti
Taco Bell
and had cake for breakfast

The spinal tap was a bitch. It took two hours and 14 (3in needles) and countless smaller needles to get the tap done. I didn't cry once but I did swear a few times. I look like a human pin cushion. Today I am trying to recover and reconnect with lost friends. Rose is bored (whats new). Its 60 some degrees and raining not typical for Pittsburgh in the winter. We expect snow on Saturday.

We have reconnected with my sweet Eli and bad little Leah. Rose and Eli fought twice violently. Poor Eli got bitten twice by the evil Rose. She has not done that in years not sure what got into her. Leah is so funny. She won't let anyone near her food. She will spear you if you get to close.

We have been invited to two parties on the same day so let the fun begin! I have spoken to one school and I am awaiting the return call from the principal who probably will give me a hard time about Roses age. Nobody wants to believe a 4 year old can read. I am telling you there are tons of kids out there who can do why not her!

Well I am going to go my back is killing me. If you didn't receive a call from me it may mean I have lost your number so just drop me a line and I will call you soon.


Anonymous said...

Hey girl,
I pray that your back will be feeling much better soon. How wonderful that baby is 17 weeks! Praise God that little dancing flipping bundle will be here before we know it. Love to you, Will, Rose and the bub...Megs

JBTW said...

Sorry you feel like a pin cushion -- at least it's for a good purpose. Oh the stories you'll have to tell to your little one & then your grandkids. (Kind of like "I hiked uphill, both ways to school.")

Phone calls makes me think of corespondence in general... Are you still using your gmail, or is that strictly a Down Under thing? I e-mailed asking if you got my phone message & postal correspondence... Did you? (Should have been last week.)

Feel better!

Nikki said...

It's great news to hear that you're back in the States. I told Jackie and found it another interesting parallel between the two girls. (Jackie went to Reception Class in England.) We didn't have much success with her first year either, but I think we were too trusing in the educational system. Guess we should email about all this!

I'll email you all our contact info and we'll talk (and have coffee, lol). Anywho, Welcome Back!

Anonymous said...

Hello - i am sitting here at work - reading - love mom