Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Hello readers, Spousal Unit here.

My girls are off on their own now. I saw them to the gate and watched them go this morning.

I miss them so much already.

Daddy will be home with you soon, my darlings!

Save me some pumpkin pie, too!!!!!

1-4-3, S.U.


Suzer said...

Liam - so sorry you have to spend Thanksgiving alone this year. Hope that you arrive safe and sound too, as soon as you can!

JBTW said...

Happy Thangsgiving Liam - sorry you'll be spending it only with the cats... but the last month will go by quickly & you'll be with your 2.5 other family members! In case I haven't already mentioned it: Congrats on the upcoming job! (So glad about that!!!) :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving SU! You are in our thoughts and prayers as are your girls. Can't wait to see you. Hope this next month just flies by and you are reunited with your lovely ladies soon.