Saturday, November 18, 2006

Last Saturday

Today I woke up with out the ability to breath. I caught a cold and it has effected my already swollen head. Lets just say I am not happy camper. But that did not stop me from doing the things we had decieded we were going to do. First off I didn't sleep so I woke up at noon and declared we were leaving. So off we headed to Jenni's for Micheal's birthday party. Where we met her family Sarah, Laura and her mom. All are so sweet you want to keep them in your pocket. Sarah makes the most wonderful bears and sells them through her web page which I will post later. Laura makes belly dancing costumes and makes amazing dream catchers. She made me pillow with lavender and a dream catcher for me. Both of her sisters are house bound do to illness but I was thrilled to finally meet them. We left Jenni's at 5 pm and headed to Tania and Brads to see them and the Bennetts for dinner. We stayed there until 10:30. We had dinner and I had a small glass of wine. We had a great time but we know we will real miss them when we leave. Saturday was a good day and Liam is looking forward to the Michigan/Ohio State game on TV. I will probably spend the day in bed making up for my wayward ways but oh well I had fun.


JBTW said...

So glad you had fun. You have to make the most of it -- even if you have a BIG head. :) Enjoy your days down under!

Anonymous said...

Go Buckeyes - we are waiting also to watch -love ya - mom