Friday, November 10, 2006

Wisdom from my father.

Some days
Some days you become weary. Really rest for a while, not too long, then get back on track with renewed vigor and purpose. Some days you become satisfied. Be careful not to let that stop you; build enthusiastically on what you have accomplished. The greatest value is of no value if it is not put to use. Some days you'll be sad. Take comfort in knowing that your sadness is possible only because joy is also possible. It is painful and yet it is beautiful that you're able to care so much. You'll get through it. Some days will be frustrating. Though you have the best of intentions, though you make a genuine effort, the results fall short of the mark. Learn from these days. Take a deep breath. Know you're making progress even if it doesn't seem so. Some days will be joyful. Treasure these days. Live them completely and with no remorse. They are yours to live and to hold as well. Fully experience them so that they will be with you always.
-- Ralph Marston

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JBTW said...

Seems like I miss a lot in just a few days -- good to see you were feeling up to so much posting. Glad to hear about Megan -- it's comforting to know there is someone there to help provide some up close & personal emotional & physical support. Looking forward to your arrival -- just remember all the techniques you are teaching Rose to calm & relax so you can use them on the plane -- afterall, you'll need to model it for her! :)