Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The things I want to do while home

Things I want to do and eat while home.

1. Go to bath and body works and buy stuff!

2. Eat at Taco Bell several times a week

3. Eat a panera bread

4. Eat at Quidoba

5. Go to Hartwood acres

6. See a movie

7. Eat at Applebees

8. Go to Micheals and spend money

9. See Suzers baby 1 day after she is born

10. Have a real Christmas holiday snow and everything

11. Reconnect with Family and friends

12. Eat at Eat N Park

13. Go to Boarders and sit

14. Have cake for breakfast

15. Know the sex of my baby

16. Learn something new like knitting

17. Eat at Arbys

18. Eat at Denny's

19. Laugh so hard I cry or pee myself which ever comes first

20. Relax and not worry about money

21. Feel like I belong

22. See Rose on Christmas morning with her meemaw and popop

23. Laugh and cry so hard it last a whole year.

24. Bake Christmas cookies

25. See friends from out of town

26. Eat my moms Cincinnati Chili and homemade spaghetti

27. Be surrounded by love!


JBTW said...

I am confident you will be able to accomplish all of your heart's desires. As for #19, I think that will be a piece of cake -- you laughing, baby jumping... pee is bound to happen! :) I can't wait to see you!!!! XOXOXOX

Suzer said...

I will personally try to accomplish numbers 6,11,19,21 and 27 for you. I'm also pretty sure number 9 is my sole responsibilty too...lets see if I can get this puppy out sooner rather than later! HUGS!!

Jac said...

Ok, I want to join in on about 90% of that!

Anonymous said...

how can you do this from a couch-i guess i better buy a plastic table cloth to line the bed and couch - love ya mom

Anonymous said...

Okay! What a list! So my idea is that you need to pick a few of those things and I will take ya as my birthday "thing" for you. As far as 27 goes, even though you are far away, always remember that you are surrounded by love. When you come home it will just be more phisically...

Luv ya!


Dad said...

Eat, eat, eat. We will try to fullfil this wish for you. See you in less than 14 days!

Love Dad