Thursday, November 16, 2006

Last friday

Today will be our last Friday here in Australia. I will spend it at RAH but that's okay. I can't believe we are leaving. My mom keeps wanting me to change my ticket and come a little latter but to tell you the truth I'm ready to come home. Having a short amount of time is both good and bad. Rose is very excited to becoming home. She is sad about leaving her friends and school but she is ready to see Eli and Leah. Liam assures me he can handle all that is left for him to do. I feel bad about leaving him but with each passing week I am losing sight of my feet and I am starting to move slower. The eye and brain issue is its own problem. Rose will be happier and safer at home and not underfoot. So if there is anything you have been dieing to get from us but have been to shy to ask now is the time. I am going shopping on Tuesday for the things we wanted from this beautiful country so put in your order now.

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JBTW said...

The thing I want most from Australia is you. :) Anything else is just a bonus. Will Liam's departure schedule be the same as before (late Dec.) or will he be leaving earlier?