Tuesday, December 05, 2006

life in the slow lane

Nothing to report!

I am a bit trapped with not a lot of money and no way to get out.

But we have a plan now or at least I hope we do.

1. Car (not to expensive)
2. Place to live (not to expensive)
3. School for Rose

in Australia
1. Pack
2. Sell everything
3. Finally reunite

Life is stressful but we still love you

Ps, Rose was evaluated and I was told she could easily be placed in first grade. They were quite impressed! She is already where they are at 3 months of schooling. I will however be placing her back in Kindergarten for the emotional stability. Which school not sure yet.


Anonymous said...

Good for Rose... and mom.. smart decision about placement. Somehow all will work out for you three... I have faith.


e4 said...

It was odd when I first met Lori, and we figured out that we both drove the same kind of car, and we both skipped kindergarten.

I bet Rose could probably make it in the third grade if it were feasible.

Age/grade placement is one of those tough calls though. Socialized and bored, or intellectually challenged but socially behind....

Anonymous said...

good planning - lets just concentrate on doctor appointments and Santa right now - love ya Mom

Sharon said...

Chris and I will be driving through Pittsburgh soon! Please send me an email because I don't have your email address and your phone number. We'd love to be able to see you!