Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Roses Party

Last night was unbearbly hot. I didn't sleep much now that my cold has moved to my chest. The worse part was the heat. I am only 4 months pregnant but I feel for all the Aussie women further along then me. This morning Ann-Marie and Ji Young visited me and we said our good byes and then Liam and I headed for the Market. That's were we did our bargain hunting for goodies. We did rather well, but he is going to have to make another trip because we didn't get everything. After that we picked up flowers and cupcakes for Roses class. Rose passed out her treats and received a sweet card and journal and stuffed teddy from her class. Both reception classes then drew her pictures and I put them together as a book for her. We passed out flowers the the principal and her secretary and her teacher. We love this school and will miss it terribly. You could not ask for a better start in your education life. Rose took it all in strides and seemed to enjoy the attention. She is well loved and will be missed. Tomorrow will be her last day. I am sure tears will be shed.


JBTW said...

How sweet! I really love the idea of the drawings being put into a book, that is something she can take with her & keep forever! I hope her last day is a good one... :)

Anonymous said...

home again home again jigetty jig- i am so excited - i cannot contain myself - hold onto my little rose during the trip - love mom