Thursday, November 02, 2006

the plan

Howdy folks, Spousal Unit here again.

My Mrs. is currently resting in the hospital after another spinal tap this afternoon. They hit a nerve (again), but she is handling it like the trooper she is.

I must say that while there must be some sort of universal law against effeciency in hospitals, the folks in the trenches here in OZ seem to be more polite and considerate. With the singular exception of the gal at the private hospital who tried to guilt Morgan into paying a lot of money up front for a proceedure we got for free, (sort of, the PUBLIC hospital is progressive enough to bill our international insurance directly, while the private [read: for profit] hospital isn't) the folks here have been fairly helpful and understanding.

What has been frustrating is that every Doc we talk to immediately (seriously, every time!) mentions that if we were to aport the pregnancy they could treat her, and potentially try a diferrent operation that could cure her. I understand their point medically, but what I don't understand is thier reluctance to discuss treatment options that allow us to keep the baby first and only then discuss the alternatives. That seems rather callous to me, especially after hearing it for the ninth time.

We are sane enough to know that tomorrow may put us in a position to consider what we simply cannot consider today, but Morgan and I are in complete agreement that our goal is to keep both mama and baby around for as long as possible. The docs have all grudgingly agreed that we do have options (like our current regimine of regular LP's) to do just this.

As for the travel plans, it is looking like Morgan and Rose will be headed for Pittsburgh on Thanksgiving, and I will follow after my semester wraps in mid December. I have to return around the second week of '07, and the girls return will likely be toward the end of January, assuming that we have no medical complications.

So at the moment, we are rolling according to plan. Insurance is doing what it is supposed to, baby is kicking, Rose is getting better, Morgan is coping as best she can, and I am the anchor.

Let's hope there no new storms on the horizon.

In a fit of hopefullness this afternoon while Morgan was in the O.R., I bought a lottery ticket for her.

Perhaps our prayers have already been answered...



JBTW said...

I am so glad things are progressing in a positive direction. I was really worried after reading the 'money pit' post -- I thought it was black & white, glad you found some gray areas to get the LP she needed. *sigh of relief* I know it's still not easy for any of you guys, but it's a step forward. I'm thrilled to the prospects of seeing you guys!
Thanks for the update S.U.!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that things seem to be working out. Don't let those doctors bully you into doing what they want. Always remember you do have options and God is on your side... that is so much more powerful than what any doctor has to offer. I love you guys and I can't wait to see you all.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there and Good luck.

Daisy said...


I am going to try and send a happy box soon.

Hang in there, we're thinking of you guys! :)