Thursday, February 02, 2006

Vacation anyone?

Where and when was your favorite vacation?
Or where would your dream vacation be?


Morgan said...

Me the couch a box of chocolet cookies and nobody around for miles!

grafton said...

Hmmmm...well, it wasn't technically a vacation, but I enjoyed the hell out of my trip to the UK a couple years back. Definitely need to go and spend a couple months in Edinburgh. And then I'd like to bike all over Ireland. And then maybe I'll go mountain goating in Wales. But at some point I have to visit Ayer's Rock (or as close to it as I can get, now that it's protected territory). *G*


Anonymous said...

I'd come visit the southeast corner of Australia, and any old friends who might be living there. And then pop over to New Zealand for a look around. Assuming nothing poisonous got me first.

It would take me a few weeks to decide on a favorite past vacation. Honeymoon cruise, kayaking in the San Juan Islands north of Seattle, randomly bumming around the mid-Atlantic states, my England/France/Switzerland trip, camping in Minnesota... I just don't know.

- Edson