Saturday, February 11, 2006

Question for you

what's in your refrigerator?
Anything fun anything growing in there?
Anything repopulating?
So what's in your refrigerator? I have a chicken nugget wrapped in a paper towel that has been lovingly stored in a tupperware bowl. I think it has been in there for weeks. The person with the most interesting thing living in there fridge will get something special sent from Down Under. So take a picture, post a comment, and see if your the winner of the grossest fridge!
Oh come on now! I can't be the only creating experiments in the Fridge!


Anonymous said...

Okay, This is the most disgusting thing and I'm very embarrased to admit this but, I have a raspberry pie that I had the week before I had Alex.. It is still in it aluminum foil that I had covered it with and doesn't smell yet. So, while I'm thinking about it, I have to throw it away. I keep thinking about that pie and the fact that I need to throw it away. I think that fact that I have a seven month pie in the fridge, definetly qualifies me, as embarrasing as it is.

Anonymous said...

I'm in that terrible stage of pregnancy where everything has to be clean all the time. So, I don't currently qualify for grossest fridge. However, I one time had in my fridge a container. I'm not sure what was in the container, and I'm not sure how it did not have legs. It should have evolved into some sort of higher life form. Shaun had placed it in the fridge shortly after moving in, and I found it and got rid of it right when we moved into our new place. That was a 7 year container full of ???? that I threw away... I hope it was dead and not secretly plotting it's revenge.


Anonymous said...

just wine