Friday, February 03, 2006

My Gifted Child

Did you know that when you rearrange the words in Gifted you get the word possessed. No really try it. How cruel of me! How dare I say something so so so rude. Well that's how I feel. Rose has been accepted into the gifted and talented program and immediately was accepted into the whinnying and bitching program also. As one friend put it tonight "She's out of sorts". Out of sorts is putting it nicely. She seems to be possessed. The poor child has lost her ability to talk. She can only whine at pitch that only dogs can hear. Dear Rose can only get her point across when she is crying and "win-ging". All I can do is roll my eyes for nothing I say makes a lick of difference. She is tired and frustrated with the way her life is going. She doesn't like the food I serve. She doesn't like the way we drive. She doesn't like anything at all. Everything makes her cry. My child is not acting like the little girl I know but more like a child possessed. Last night Rose got up and crawled into bed with us. That's all fine and good if everyone would stay on there side. But NOOOOOO we have to role around a flop and put our little hands and feet all over the place. Not once but twice I was kicked in the head. After the second time I reliqueshed my place in bed and drug my sorry ass into her room and went to sleep. tonight I am tired and ever so slightly cranky. So if this post makes little sense or is convoluted please don't complain or win-g I am going on very little sleep. Not to mention the two blows to the head I took

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Anonymous said...

I remember having that photo done - it our backyard - gulp - there goes a tear - love you - hang in there - remember - this too shall pass....this too shall pass...this too ya Mom