Tuesday, February 21, 2006


If I could change the world I would.
If I could wash away pain and frustration I would.
If I could change your memories to nothing
but sweet wind blowing calmly through your brain I would
If I could take your pain and mold it into something beautiful I would
But then what would you be?
Who would you be?
You are made up of parts
parts I don't understand
Parts hidden deep lonely lurking
you are parts made into a whole
you are nothing with out the pieces
Pieces of anguish, pain, loneliness, joy
If I could wash it all away with a gesture of goodwill I wouldn't
You who I love
You who are whole
You with your pieces crumbling
You with your life
If I could wash away the memory of you I wouldn't
I couldn't
rest sweet one, you who are pieces
Pieces of a whole


Anne said...

That is beautiful. Did you write it. Love the bubbles. Have a happy day. Anne L. (now to look at my sidebar, thanks).

Morgan said...

Yes I did. Thank you you are to sweet.