Monday, February 13, 2006

Sick Day

Today was Rose's first sick day. She bore it well. My poor baby was up all night with a runny nose and a fever. Poor little one kept us up all night. She really wanted to go to school this morning but still had a fever so we kept her home. We had to tell her that school was canceled today so that she wouldn't get up set. So she got a bath and was dressed in footy PJ's. We played candyland twice and Rose rested most of the day. She drank lots of juice and water and even had soup for lunch. I felt bad for her feeling so ill but I was glad to have her home. I missed my little girl. Right now daddy is putting her down for bed and we all hope she will sleep through the night. As you can see from the picture she has a rash under her lips and her nose is raw and read. You can also tell at the time she still had a fever but was enjoying making jewelry with Mommy.


Jac said...

Ahh poor Moya! Hope you feel better sweetie!


Anonymous said...

get well sweetie - love Memaw

Anonymous said...

Get well soon Moya. Love you!

grandma Bernita and Papa Jim