Monday, February 20, 2006

I am weak

Yes, you heard me right. I am incredibly weak. I am sitting here with a can of Salt and Vinegar Pringles pondering my belly button. So round so profound so great to contemplate! Why on earth would I be doing such a strange thing? Well, because it's so big and so...there.
Belly buttons are interesting things. They just sit there doing nothing of consequence and yet they are so necessary, so expressive... and so unique. (mine is an innie with a left tuck and a smooth base, thanks for asking...) I have discovered a great love for my little round friend.
If you ask nicely in our house, Liam will make his belly button talk for you. It's really a gas. The first time he did this Rose nearly fell off her chair in terror. Obviously daddy's warp sense of humor went over her curley head. Who'd have thought a 6 month old could be so scared of a belly?
Me, I love 'em. Sometimes those round little caves grow interesting things like dirt or lint. Now that's fascinating. Lint. Don't you just love the word? Let it roll off your tongue; L I N T. Wouldn't you like to use that in your everyday conversations? "Hey, I love that sweater! Is it made of lint?" Think of all the possiblities.
My little cave is cute and sweet and I shall have it forever. Sometimes I can't see my tiny friend like when my other body parts are a bit bigger than they should be. These are the times I miss mi amigo. Like when I sit back with bag of (fill in the blank) and think fondly of my hidden companion laying dormant somewhere close by. So please take a moment to roll your fat around and give your little button a poke!


JBTW said...

I'm curious, when did your family start going by Liam & Rose?

Anonymous said...

My belly button is always in view now. As the child in my belly continues to grow, my button sticks out more and more. I thought I was the only one thinking about my belly button lately. Just goes to show warped minds think alike!


Jac said...

I have been told you could drive a mack truck into my button! Currently, my son is fascinated with his belly button, he was born with a hernia and his button after two years has finally started to look more like a button then an uncircumsized penis! It use to stick out and hang down, and his adorable cousin Gus would pull on it and snap it back for him. All I could think was that Gus was thinking, "Hey how he get two!" LOL

Anne said...

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Anne said...

G'day, not sure what you mean by slide bar. Thanks for the offer of help. Avva a good one. Anne L