Thursday, February 09, 2006

Dora The Explorer

I think we are doing our children and our selves a great disservice. I have noticed that on Sesame Street and Dora the Explorer they always repeat themselves not a couple of times but over and over and over again. I understand the learning through repetition but this is ridicules . Our children are not stupid nor are they deaf. Now say back pack, back pack, say back pack, say back pack. Damn you Dora we get the idea, stop yelling at me!

Rose now expects me to repeat everything 5 times before she will do what is asked of her. "Rose get your pajamas" now please repeat this four more times for quality assurance. Maybe if I start saying everything in a high pitch sing song voice she will listen. Next time I need to get my point across I will start jumping up and down and put on a bright outfit to really drive home my point that I really do want the blocks picked up now. Perhaps I will even start selling things to her while she eats her breakfast. " Rose for a limited time you too can wear your white socks with a plaid dress if only you will eat your breakfast before this special offer expires." Please now speak directly into your child's face, Hold your breath and wait for them to stare blankly. If your lucky they may even blink.

It doesn't seem to matter how slowly I speak, its just not making it past her ear lobes. "R O S E pleeeease passss theeee sallltttt!" What more can I say or do? I am running out of ideas. I often lament that talking to her is like speaking to a brick wall. I think I would get a better response from the brick and mortar.

She is so remarkably good at ignoring me that at three months of age everyone believed her deaf. The poor child would stare off into space not comprehending a word I spoke. I know this all very sad. We even had to have her hearing tested only to be told shes not deaf shes ignoring you. Yes my three month old was (on purpose) ignoring every word I spoke. What you don't have this problem? Then please let me repeat myself. My three month old was smart enough to figure out that if she ignored me I would act like an idiot to get her attention (like a monkey on a string). So I leave you with this question how often do you have to say your child's name for them to respond. I think my record is 5 times in one sitting.


Anonymous said...

Casey, I can call Ben and Tyler till my face turns blue, but until I yell and add the middle name, they just tune me out. Especially Tyler. He only hears what he wants to.. It's called selective hearing. "Boys, pick up your room." They don't hear that. "Boys lets go get candy and rent movies." They are in the car before my shoes are on. Kyle is starting to learn from them too. Any time I call him, if it is the frist time or the 5th, the says, "Okay, Okay Mom..." with that little Tyler attitude. Hang in there sweetness! You and I both know that children start to listen around 24 or so... and even then our hearing is "selective"!


Anonymous said...

Casey - you say it once - then ACTION - love ya Mom

Daisy said...

Jack gets two chances. Then, he gets time out.

Yeah, we're hardasses.

Anonymous said...

We're at about ten thousand times and counting with Amelia. If she hears the Sesame Street theme song, she comes running, but she looks up about one in a hundred times if you call her name. And half of those are just pure chance. She reminds me of a cat. She understands more than she lets on, but she's not going to give you the satisfaction of acknowledging it.

Edson on the other hand has the opposite approach. He's the one who repeats everything. Want some juice. Juice. I'd like some juice pweeze. (I know, just a minute.) Want some juice. (Just a minute!) You get some juice for me pweeze. Want some juice. Juice. Juice. Juice pweeze. Edson wants some juice.

He actually doesn't like watching Dora any more, I think because they talk down to him...

Jac said...

I personally think Dora should be ripped apart limb by limb and that she should then be smothered by her "f"ing bacpack...this is simply my opinion! I also truly believe that our children are meer payback for what hell we put our own parents through, God help us all!