Sunday, February 05, 2006

The bludgeoning of friends

Rose looked on in horror as I attacked her "friends". Ants have invaded our house and I have declared war! Rose was terribly upset as I enacted genocide. Ant bodies were scattered everywhere. She was screaming my friends your killing my friends. I had to tell her that I was going to set them free in the yard to appease her. She is a very funny child when it comes to ants. One day she loves them and the next she stamps all over them. But to see the look of dread on her face as I smacked ants with my broom was priceless. I was trying not to laugh at her because she seemed genuinely upset by the carnage. Rose walked outside with me as I set the trash can down. She looked on with sadness as she told them lovingly that "mommy didn't mean to kill you, she just does things like that". Does things like that? What other little creature had she adopted into our frey that I have decimated? Have I inadvertently been killing off her friends without knowing it? I declare I am officially a horrible mom. I kill off defenseless creatures without one moments pause. Rose is still up set with me. I here by apologize to all the ants I have and will kill! I have no inclination to quit stomping on them while they are still living in my kitchen. Please say a prayer for their crippled little bodies!

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Anonymous said...

I remember you crying because dad was killing the dandelions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!