Monday, October 23, 2006

yet more hospital insights...

Hi There!

Spousal unit here again.

After 17 hours and 2 hospitals, Morgan finally was given a lumbar puncture to relieve the pressure.

yes, it is the same disease that gave her the shunt.

And yes, the shunt in question appears to no longer be functioning as advertised.

And since Morgan is pregnant, most of the usual treatments can't happen.

So, at the moment it looks like she is looking at regular spinal taps to relieve the pressure for the next 6 months until the baby arrives, and then they will bring her back in for a new shunt.

I will say this though, while the (in)effeciencies in the hospital systems are very similar down here, they seem to be far more polite about the whole thing.

Anywho, after a very long day (it's now 2:30 am and we started at 7:30 yesterday morning) I am headed for sleep.

Morgan is still in the hospital overnight while they watch her. She will hopefully be back home tomorrow afternoon.

That's all the news that's fit to print...



Anonymous said...

Hi Liam, many thanks for the update. Sorry to read it is not better news. Our thoughts are with you and yours. Be well!

BTW, This does not set a good precedent for what it takes to get you to post. *grin*

e4 said...

Y'all don't do anything the easy way, do you? :)

Send The Mrs. our best wishes. Hang in there, and get some sleep.

JBTW said...

I'm sorry to hear the shunt is not working properly. But very glad to hear they were prepared for you... that was a big concern of mine when you guys moved -- that you wouldn't have the facilities you may need. I hope the treatments which are allowed, are successful & there is a speedy recovery. Good luck during your single parent duties -- hope she's home again soon (for both your sakes!).

Suzer said...

So sorry that it wasn't a migrane, but I hope that the treatment is worrking. Give Morgan a big hug from us and let her know we're praying for her (and you).

idyllicchick said...

Sending you all happy thoughts and healing energies.