Monday, October 30, 2006


We believe we are days away from the other shoe dropping and me going back into the hospital sooooo If I don't blog for while that is why.

The other topic on my mind is even if I can get home for the holidays what do I do then?

1. I have no car to take myself to the hospital
a. Baby check up
b. LP's

2. What do I do with Rose all day I can't be getting up every two minutes to entertain her nor should the dear child be forced to watch TV all day.

So I was wondering if you knew if Dulith Methodist Church had Holiday Care running over the holidays. Or if anyone had a church that could take her during the week for the time my parents are at work?

Or I may spontaneously get better and all of this will be for not!

You really don't have to answer any of these questions I'm feeling whinny and not sure of myself. I can't do a whole lot so my self esteem is none existent. Plus I have all this time to worry.


Anonymous said...

Hi babe - Lisa came up with an idea if you cannot make it home - how about dad flying down and getting Moya - she could stay with us for a while-she could come to work with me and/or stay a few hours in the day with nana or aunt sara - if you come home - same arrangements for moya - love mom

Suzer said...

I don't work on Fridays. Moya is more than welcome to come every Friday to stay with me, and you are too for that matter. The girls will have a great time together!

Suzer said...

P.S. If you make your appointments for a Friday, I can run you to the hospital and the OB. I don't know if I mentioned, but my OB-GYN has an office in Cranberry and they are fantastic!