Tuesday, October 31, 2006

23 days later

My vision is going faster then expected or wanted so to the hospital I will go on Friday morning for another Lumbar Puncture. The doctor gave us his thoughts on a few things and I will try to relate them to you as I can remember them. First I off I have been cleared to come home "your gonna go blind no matter what you do" (okay I inferred the quote but that is pretty much what he was saying) I will need to go in for LP's every two weeks which can be done as an out patient. As for baby well he doesn't even think well make it to 30 weeks and I am here to tell you we will make it 35 weeks that's my goal and I will do what it takes to get there. That being said he is not an OBGYN. At this point we are not sure Diamox is the way to go considering the side effects and the fact it just didn't work last time. There are new theories out there that say my condition may have nothing to do with what I have or have not done but more to do with my veins. There is new surgery that can be performed but we won't get into that right now because surgery is at least 5 months away. I have been told to stay on bed rest for now to keep my pressure down and I am to do the same at home. I can go out for a few hours but I will need to lay down to recover. So we are now officially 23 days and two more LP's away from Rose and I coming home. I am expecting cake and ice cream!


JBTW said...

I had to re-read this one a few times... You said "home" & I'm automatically thinking "current home" not "USA home" -- so happy dance followed when it hit me! This particular doctor (whatever his title may be), is he working in sync with your OBGYN? How can he make statements about the pregnancy without doing so?!?!
With all being said, I'm thrilled there is an official countdown to your arrival!!! Happy Happy Joy Joy! :)

Suzer said...

Is Liam coming too, or not. Or is he just following along later. It made me wonder when you said you couldn't watch Rose all by yourself when you are here in the states.