Thursday, October 05, 2006

The hospital crawl.

Today we had one of what will be two days of exploring the hospital system of South Australia. We went to the public hospital to see what it was like. I gave all the info and they put baby and I in the high risk department. They then checked for a heartbeat and checked and checked and checked no heart beat. My heart sunk. So they wheeled in an ultra sound machine. There in the gray was a very active and silly little baby. When I say the baby was movin that is an understatement it looked like he had just had 5 cups of coffee and Saturday Night Fever just came on. SO baby is okay and apparently having a grand old time. So tomorrow Rose and I are going to check out the private doctors and see what they are like. Perhaps baby squishy will give a repeat performance.

Ps, anytime we say he (describing the baby) Rose says you mean he or she.


JBTW said...

She (Rose) is such a smart 'little' one! (Not so little compared to your squirmy wormy.) Glad Baby Squishy made you proud! Maybe next time (s)he will slow down to show off a heart beat. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear everything is okay. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Will, Moya and Squishy.... Love ya all much.


Anonymous said...

Go Squishy! Go Squishy!

Anonymous said...

>>start wave
>>end wave

(ok, blame e4 for inspiring me to start a stadium wave on a blog post comment)

be well