Saturday, October 07, 2006

boogie nights

Repeat performance was given! I believe this fetus is possessed! I have never seen a baby move like this child does.


JBTW said...

Maybe it thinks it's the main attraction in Pong.

Anonymous said...

Too much caffiene, sugar and hot spices?
Watching our child move via ultrasound was I think the first time I could see something that told us we were becoming parents. Amazing stuff.

Anonymous said...

Go Squirmy, go!!

Won't you take me to
Funky Town?

Daisy said...

Enter the boy child, who will wield the destructive force of a Category 5 hurricane, but who will also be very cute.

Trust me on this.

Morgan said...

Oh please! I have thought about that. Rose was active but not like this kid. I thought I was inline for a nice calm child?

Anonymous said...

Why are you so surprised that this child is so active? If memory serves me correctly neither you or Will could ever sit still. By the way... they never stop... they just get more mobile. Good luck with Squishy!!!!!