Sunday, March 26, 2006

Prayer for a fat women

Dear God please help me put down the donut. God help me to just say No to ice cream. Dear God when I am walking down the isle help me to have enough sense to pick up ONE package of Tim Tams. God when I am sitting infront of the TV on my great big ass help me to at least wiggle during the commercials so I can claim I got I little bit of exercise. Thanks God for listening and I will see you at the next weight in.

Okay I am looking for anyone who wants to join me in what was up until this weekend my new life plan. So what happened? Food happened. I became a maniac! I hurt my neck earlier in the week so I gave my self the night off from the gym. Then I said well I can't cook healthy food because I hurt "Liam can you bring home dinner from *fill in the blank*". So my life went on like that for 4 days and now I am paying the price. I have gained back nearly 2 weeks worth of work. I am stressed and ready give up. But I am not going to! I go the gym for an hour on Monday and Wednesday and I am going to be strict with myself this week. I was just wondering if anyone else wanted to loose a great mass of weight? I figured out that Rose is 10 pounds lighter then what I have to lose and I have a hard time picking her up so... I am walking around with a 6 year old strapped to my waist and I am ready to shed this whinny beast. So if you would like to join me leave me a note or an email and well send each other loving notes like "Hey lard ass get out of bed" and "Yes those jeans do make you look fat". Skinny people need not apply.


Jac said...

I am sooo with you on this one...ITs like as soon as I want to drop some pounds I lose all self-control! At least all my Girl Scout cookies are gone and I can stop eating them five at a time!!!

Daisy said...

Ok, you'll probably tell me I need not apply, but I need to get off my lazy ass as well. So, I will join you if you'd like.

I can shout at you via email like the drill sergeants used to do to me when I was in basic!


idyllicchick said...

Chris and I are back on the wagon tomorrow! The pizza and snakebites we had for dinner tonight were our last big hurrah. But now that you mention Tim Tams, just send me all of the ones that you don't feel like you should eat. =)

Suzer said...

What are Tim Tams? They don't sound that appetizing, are they like Ding Dongs (which really don't sound as good as they taste...)