Wednesday, March 15, 2006


The photos two posts below have been altered as suggested or unaltered depending on what was said. Have a look and let me know if they have improved or not. Thank you for your time


john in the uk!! said...

Yo Mrs B! Hows things? Mr Criticism here...
Ok I reakon that photo 1a isnt as good as the edited version, its s bit too contrasty i think, the subject just disappears
Number 2 is an improvement, on the original I'd say, but id get rid of the other person behind too, or change the clothes they are wearing, just too big a block of nothingness i think..

Suzer said...

I think 1A is better with the contrast. Chad and I both agreed on that, but with the second one, He thought it was better, but I felt it was too heavy (visually) on the right size, even though the clothes read as a neutral background. But it made me realize that it is nicely divided into thirds. I've been trying to post this comment for days...this is the first time I could get onto this site in a while.