Saturday, March 18, 2006

Ghost photography

These photos are from the ghost studies website. Take a close look at the hutch and see if you don't see a little girl peering out at you.


Anne said...

That is spoooooky. Yes I saw someone peering at me. You would not want this tv as there are over 50 channels, some in the local language, some cartoons and a lot of old stuff being played, like Friends. Some nights I sit to watch something and find it was the same thing on 2 days before, very frustrating.

Suzer said...

I went and checked out the website, some of them are silly, but a few gave me the chills. And then I watched The Others before I went to bed and creeped myself out so bad I didn't want to go down the hallway to the bathroom! Oddly enough, I slept all night! Maybe I need to start scaring myself to sleep!

Daisy said...

Hey! Stop watching Australian soaps and update this blog!