Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I am the Lunch Lady!

Please say the above statement as if you were standing down a large army. (I am Spartugus). I make the lunches nobody eats. I lovingly wake up early to put peanut butter with its compatriot jelly. They together are then cut on the slant for maxim enjoyment. I thrown in a cheese stick some pudding and fruit cup all just to make myself look good. Rose goes to a private school that is extremely uniform. Everything must be regulation everything but lunch. This is were I like to add a little flair a pretty napkin, leftover dinner, a purple spoon. None of this seems to matter. Most of the above comes back untouched sometimes with a bit of grass or bark and sometimes the odd bug added to the mix. Rose has the option to eat lunch outside and choices to do so often. Some evenings Liam and Rose have to search the playground just to find the wayward lunch box. The same lunch box she carried around lovingly for days forcing me to put all of her meals in just so she could "try it out". So with bitter taste in mouth I will once again wake up early to make a lunch nobody likes.

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e4 said...

I can definitely relate to that, as can my lovely wife. We have one child who's preferred method of rejecting what we serve her is to carefully drop it on the floor. Sometimes it's one piece at a time, sometimes it's a whole plate at once. After many, many explanations of how that's not appropriate, at varying levels of volume and intensity, she now understands that she's not allowed to throw things on the floor when somebody is looking.