Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Budding Artist

Rose has become quite and artist. The picture on the right is a drawing Rose made while watching the Higglytown Hero's last night. I think it looks just like Ubi! This picture wasn't even drawn on my walls a definite step in the right direction!


Revolutionary Cat said...

First off, Rose did an excellent job! Although sometimes I need translation, I love to see kids draw if only because they're so disinterested in wanting the image to look exactly like what they're drawing. They have their own vision and they follow it freely. Adults, however, have a penchant for realism and bog themselves down with it before they would even get done with half the picture.

And thanks for leaving the message behind on my Ireland blog. I still need to add more pictures and keep my daily blog up to date daily rather than weekly. :-)

Suzer said...

Absoulutely fabulous! You should scan all of her artwork and have it made into a book. Kodak (Ofoto) has very resonable prices and the finished product looks great. You can even title each picture. It would be a great birthday present each year so when she's older she can see how she's grown.