Sunday, July 16, 2006

A proud day

This morning Rose came to be with a large book under her arm. Hugged tightly to her chest was my favorite book of all time, Little Women. I wasn't sure if she was old enough to understand the book but I began reading it to her. It became immediately clear that she not only understands the book but that she has already found a character to relate to. Before I tell you what character she has chosen to relate to I must first tell you that I have always been Jo. From page one to the very last of the Little Women series I have always been Jo. To this day the book creeps into my thoughts. I recieved this book as a present from my best friend Beth S. on March 19th 1998. Beth and Heather were my bosom buddies and we all related to the book indifferent ways. So when Rose brought me the book a wave of memories hit me from my own childhood. I can not tell you how excited I am to begin this journey of discovery with my own little woman. It is with pride that I introduce Rose to the March family. Rose has found joy and intersest in the youngest of the Marches. Rose is Amy. This makes me giggle because of all the girls I leasted wanted to be like was Amy but Rose loves her and so do I.


JBTW said...

I got my copy from my aunt (I think!)... I don't remember when though -- I'll have to ask my mom -- too bad it wasn't dated. Mental note, if Rose receives any classic books, date it! :) Who knows what her memory will be like in the future!

Suzer said...

I was Jo too... I cried when she cut off her hair for her family. Is Rose running around with a clothes pin on her nose?