Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My Cat Burke

Oh yes, he does look all innocent and sweet but underneath that sweet exterior beats the heart of a maniac. Last night Burke declared war on me. Just about one o'clock in the morning Burke begin to cry. Not just any cry but the cry of an angry Burke. This cry sounds remarkable like someone saying "Mama". Burke has two distant cries one is "Mama" and the other is "Hellllooo." You heard me right my cat speaks to me. So last night Burke begins crying at first I thought it was that he wanted to be in the bathroom so twice I went in the room and turned on the light no Burke. So I go back to bed only to hear him crying again. This time I'm pissed and yelling at him. Liam rolls over and awakes only long enough to let me know that "your arguing with a cat". Yes I know I am arguing with a cat "He started it." Trust me when I say I thought I was going to end it. So I get up once more and turn on the shower and the faucet for just a moment thinking maybe my neurotic cat just wants some "fresh" water. I go back to bed only to here the distict cry of Burke.
Burke "MAMA".
Morgan- "Liam how much do you like Burke?"
Liam- "Why"
Morgan- "Cuz I'm gonna kill him."
I get up with furry in my eyes and the taste of murder on my lips. "Burke, darlin you better run." Please note it is now 2am in the morning and I am not happy. I take off after the now thrilled Burke. Whippee were playing. No, were not. I never did catch him but on my tirade around the house I found two Tyelnol PM and a glass of water. Around three am I got to bed only to be awaken by... Rose "Mama".

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JBTW said...

Don't you just LOVE (I say rather sarcastically) the "night time" behaviors of cats? I think that's why they sleep all day -- so they have energy to torture us at night!