Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Christmas Photos 06'

Christmas 06'
The photos are a little mixed up!

Home made blanket for Olivia
back of blanket
My mom
An Aussies night before Chritmas
So many to choose from
Sylvanian doll house

Corbin and Eli

Popop and Rose

Dillon, Zach, Rose, Olivia, Corbin, Eli and Leah

Uncle George and Olivia
Lisa and Jason
Corbin and Olivia
Aunt Nancy and the "purse"
Nana and the kids
Leah the Princess
Rose and Queen Mommy


JBTW said...

Glad to see some pictures! :)

Megan said...

I love these photos. Moya is adorable in all of these shots. You are a queen too. It looks like your Christmas was so full of fun, family, pressies, and love. The blanket you made for Olivia is so sweet. It has inspired me to get out my sewing gear again. Love you lots, Megan