Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My brand of crazy

I am now cranky! Apparently I can only handle so much and then I go a little mean. So if you have spoken to me recently and I sounded well nasty that's cuz I am. I apologize for my brand of snotty. I am tired and not feeling well and all of those things have mixed into a lovely cocktail of aggression.

I sorry so sorry...


Anonymous said...

we all get a little snotty and *itchy now and again... YOU have the best reason to be.

Keeping ya in my thoughts,

Anonymous said...

just quit aiming at your darling, lovely, patient, sweet mother-love ya mom

network weasel said...

You, snotty or mean? NEVER!
Oh, hang on a sec, you are not half a planet away now, I might not be able to get away with being my usual smart@$$ self...

don't hurt me, please *whimper*